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    How to use mirrors in home decor

    December 7, 2019 | By

    Mirrors – one of the most traditional interior items have now been revolutionized to come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs with no boundaries to their uniqueness. Not only are mirrors an item of necessity in our daily lives, with a mind open to some creativity and imagination, one shall realize the uses of mirrors in home décor are indeed plenty! We hope by the end of this blog, you will have enough insight on how to accessorize…

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    Murals in interior design

    Art, there are so many forms. From sculptures to portraits, still-life to surrealism, and all of them provide their own uniqueness to the environment they’re placed in. Each and every piece present an eye-catching…

    November 23, 2019
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    Bohemian style interior design

    Have you ever thought of revamping the interior design of your home in a way where you could express your individuality through it? If you’ve answered yes to the question then Bohemian style interior…

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    Interior design ideas for small homes

    With real estate prices soaring, it is no surprise that many homeowners are now opting to rent or buy small apartment complexes or houses. While some homeowners are buying small houses due to financial…

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    Terracotta in interior design

    Terracotta – generally known as baked earth in the rich history of Bengal, has made its way to the modern world of interiors with a spectrum of ingenious forms. The definition to what terracotta…

    September 28, 2019
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    How to maintain lighter coloured sofas

    A light-coloured sofa may just be what you need to go with the theme of your home’s interior design. After all, lighter shades of furnishings also resonate with a sophisticated taste. Maintaining them however…

    September 1, 2019
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    7 tips for a festive Eid table setup

    All the moos in the world can’t set the mood this Eid ul Adha without the perfect table! Yes, pun intended. One of the most auspicious and celebrated festivals for us has to be…

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    Budget friendly interior tricks

    We all want our homes to look stylish and feel lavish, but our budgets may not always allow us to have so. Little changes can however make big differences and you can get a…

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