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What is an Online Interior Design Consultation?

September 8, 2020 | By

Have you ever found yourself in a state of confusion regarding one or many spaces’ interior set-up in your home? An expert design professional’s guidance in the matter would’ve been ideal to resolve your needs. However, hiring a Designer requires investment – financially and time-wise – which may not always be an ideal proposition.

You may have turned to online blogs, interior magazines or youtube videos for help. All of which are great resources to start with but lack one significant attribute. They are not catered to your unique requirements or your particular areas of concern.

To address the above issues, Sheraspace offers you the Online Interior Design Consultation service – the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The service is fully online, meaning it involves no in-person involvement from its clients. It is hassle-free and short-term – a complete contrast to typically long interior project timelines.

For a small fee of BDT 2,500*, Sheraspace shall take care of all your design concerns and provide you with a custom solution unique to your needs.

  • Our design team will take into account specific requirements, concerns, queries and confusions regarding your space. Then, turn it into a cohesive solution. 
  • We will present the solution to you live, with a step-by-step breakdown on how to execute the design plan.
  • Of course, you would want to refer to the design plan from time to time when you get down to execute it. Which is exactly why a copy of the full design consultation will also be emailed to you after the live session.

Sheraspace has successfully delivered over 50 online consultations, as of September 2020, since the launch of the online service in May 2020. And we look forward to addressing the unique needs of our growing client base, with our custom-designed solutions.

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*starting price

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